Development Process

Our rigorous process ensures that our products are manufactured strategically and efficiently from initial conception through to final delivery and after-sales support.

Phase One

Injection Moulding Machine

In this moulding process, we use injection moulding machine to manufacture series of switches

Phase Two

Riveting Machine

The machines are used to automatically set (squeeze) rivets in order to join materials together.

Phase Three

Assembling Process

The different parts of the products are assembled with extreme precision.

Phase Four

Buffing Machine

Buffing machine is used to enhance the shine of the product and helps remove any scratch/lines from the same.

Phase Five

Endurance Test For Switch Button

The process involves on/off (TICK-TACK) of the switch, so that we deliver quality product.

Phase Six

Socket Endurance Test

This test is for checking socket brass part.

Phase Seven

Glow Wire Test

From this test we come to know the powder quality which we use to make this mould.

Phase eight

Fan Regulator Testing

The frequency of the fan regulator is tested on different speed.

Phase Nine

Dot Matric Printing Machine

We use this machine to print the manufacturing date on the polythene bag used for packaging.

Phase Ten

Shrinking Process

The machine shrinks wraps the products and by doing this we protect the finish product to get damage.

Phase Eleven

Packing With Care At Parcos

We use this machine to print the manufacturing date on the polythene bag used for packaging.

Sales & Support

At Parcos we makes sure that our products are of highest quality and we do take feedback from our esteemed customers and ensures an after-sales support.


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